Published: December 3, 2016

Tillys & TVPage Transform Online Retailing

A leading specialty retailer, Tilly’s, sells clothing, shoes, and accessories in 198 stores across 32 states. Its wide range of hip, trending apparel also makes it an excellent example of how to leverage TVPage’s smart video marketing platform.

The TVPage/Tilly’s partnership showcases an example of the potential TVPage offers all retailers, from small regional chains to national big box stores: a superior video aggregation & content marketing tool that can empower the creation of an entire media ecosystem.

Tilly’s expertise in ever-evolving trends and access to the most popular brands combine to bring the company an unparalleled assortment of merchandise from the top players in the surf, skate, motocross and lifestyle apparel industries — literally over 500 brands!

Many of these brands have their own television and online video commercials. Through its proprietary technology, the TVPage platform aggregates video for every single brand sold at Tilly’s, then repurposes that content in separate channels for each brand on the Tilly’s website — this creates, an instant online video network, full of product content for action sports & fashion brands!

Until TVPage, there was no system to deliver these different video experiences on one site; there was no company offering a branded solution for embedding video shopping experiences, with menus and galleries and the ability to immediately purchase a product from a video with a single click.

During a recent period 90 day period, over 30% click-through rates were recorded from visitors who interacted with video.

TVPage enables Tilly’s to easily tap into and manage a substantial amount of content that Tilly’s vendors create, with the added intelligence to connect this content to the right products in the Tilly’s online store. The TVPage technology not only increases engagement on Tilly’s site, it also drives new revenue in the process!

The Tilly’s TVPage-fueled network includes video content from well-known apparel and accessory-makers, including well known brands such as Adidas, Nike, Hurley, Volcom, Crocks, Ed Hardy, Oakley, and Dr. Martens, just to name a few.

This new TV Network that Tilly’s is creating, aka “Tillys TV”, offers targeted content to a very targeted audience, all driving sales of the brand products on! What a great way to repurpose and optimize the ROI from the quality video generated by these well known brands.