Video On Social

Ambassador Video Marketing Solved.

Launch a Digital Sales Force

Manage and commission ambassadors (employees, customers, and industry influencers) to sell products with video and photos to their social audiences. Ambassadors are invited to create their own account, upload videos, and to share shoppable video links with their social followers, driving new traffic and sales.

Branded Program

TVPage's Video Commerce Cloud provides all the tools you need to launch and manage a successful, branded ambassador video marketing program. Invite and manage ambassadors for your brand (employees, customers, and industry influencers) to create new content and promote your products to their social followers. Manage the approval workflow and enable influencers to share their content on social and receive commission on new sales. It’s just that easy!

Approval Workflow

Set the content guidelines for your ambassadors and have the final say on whether or not any content is published to your site. All newly published content creates unique video landing pages on your site that are indexed by Google and optimized for Video SEO.

Match Products

When a new video is uploaded by an ambassador, they easily match the right product offers to the video using our product catalog navigator and AI-assisted recommendation engine. Our engine extracts the transcript of the video and identifies objects, logos, and symbols from within the video to provide the best quality automated matches.

Share Everywhere

Once content has been approved and published, your ambassadors are free to share everywhere! The platform provides the entire workflow for sharing shoppable videos to their followers on all major social networks.

Commissions Simplified

The platform natively reports on all transactions and processes all commission payments. The secure payment system keeps all sensitive financial details safe and encrypted. All reporting and payments can be reviewed and monitored via the TVPage dashboard at all times.