Published: June 20, 2019

Macy’s Leads Influencer Marketing with Brand Ambassadors

Modern consumers today are savvy and make purchase decisions based on recommendations from friends, family, and influencers.

Knowing this, Macy’s created Style Crew, an employee-based influencer program that taps Macy’s own network of style-obsessed colleagues who share their favorite looks, beauty and home through their social media channels.

Macy’s Style Crew offers passionate employees the opportunity to grow their community and become digital brand ambassadors who produce authentic and highly engaging shoppable content.

Macy’s turned to TVPage as a technology partner because of the capabilities of the TVPage Video Commerce Cloud (VCC). The VCC brings it all together by enabling ambassadors to easily upload videos, match products, and post to their social audiences. Style Crew members post links to their social channels which direct traffic back to an auto-generated “TV Page” on, displaying a shoppable version of the ambassador’s content.

An Ambassador’s TV Page on

click here to watch live)

“We work closely with Macy’s to ensure a fun, simple, and seamless experience for each and every Ambassador. We’re excited to support the continued growth of one of the most powerful micro-influencer programs across all of retail today.”

– Matt Hanan, VP Client Success at TVPage

The partnership with TVPage enables Macy’s to seamlessly manage all content, ambassadors, and associated shoppable video and photo experiences across Macy’s extensive catalog.

“TVPage is truly dedicated to the program, providing the capabilities and support needed for us to achieve our goals.”
– Lauren Wilner, Head of Macy’s Style Crew

Check out recent Style Crew ambassador content here.

Welcome to a new world. Digital Marketing has never been this real.

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