Case studies

August 3rd, 2017

Large Consumer Electronics Retailer Deploys Video Commerce to Drive Online Sales

Overview In this case study, we will look at the customization and implementation of video commerce widgets for a large consumer electronics retailer. When we started working with them some of the challenges they faced were: creating a destination for consumer electronics content, providing in-depth product overviews, and building personal relationships with customers.  We’ll discuss how we helped address those challenges and review the outcome. Challenges Making their website a destination for consumers to learn and buy the latest consumer electronics
  • A website that offers only a product catalog will always struggle to become a true destination without a strong rich media component. They must compete with other consumer electronics retailers, top tech publishers and influencers that are all fighting for consumer attention on the web.
Conveying detailed product information
  • It’s proven that consumers research before making purchase decisions, meaning that a lack of information results in consumers going elsewhere to find it. Capturing user attention through static text or images is difficult given the lack of consumer attention spans.
Establishing a personal relationship with customers
  • They invest heavily in creating a family environment in-store, but building that same type of relationship over the internet is a difficult task. Without putting a face to the company, a personal relationship cannot be built with consumers.
Deploying video across their site at scale
  • Deploying video at scale is a major challenge for large retailers. Managing hundreds of embeds manually is simply not effective. As a multi-brand retailer with plenty of videos of their own, they would have to invest substantial time and money into managing embeds individually.
Optimizing content for each visitor
  • Simple video embeds do not provide retailers with the analytics or optimization capabilities needed to present the highest converting content to each of their visitors. Quality content is going to waste if it isn’t being presented in an optimized manner.
How We Helped Made their videos shoppable
  • Our machine-learning recommendation engine matches videos to products and provides customers with the opportunity to immediately purchase the products they see in their videos. Specifically, products pop-up as they appear in the video or are displayed alongside the player.
Customized video commerce widgets for their website
  • Our customer experience team worked closely with them to develop customized widgets that fit seamlessly into their site. Additionally, they are able to A/B test different widgets to determine which experiences perform best.

Product Details Page CTA Widget

Brand Page Carousel Widget

Optimized video display order
  • Our optimization engine allowed them to immediately optimize each video based on performance, context, or audience. For example, if a customer recently purchased a TV, our recommendation engine can display videos for surround sound systems.
Adaptive Streaming
  • Our adaptive streaming capabilities ensure that each video on their site is played at the highest possible quality without buffering. Based on the available bandwidth, the video adapts to the user’s device to deliver the best possible experience.
Mobile Responsive
  • Our platform is entirely mobile responsive and ensures that all of their widgets adapt and adjust their layouts depending on device.
Seamless transition from LiveClicker
  • Our Video Commerce Cloud allowed them to easily upload all of their videos directly to the platform, giving them the ability to leverage all of their existing content. Additionally, they synced with the Youtube channels of the brands they carry, giving them access to an abundance of new content to share across their site.
Results Video Stats
  • 219,261 video views
  • 3,978 hours of video watched
Video Conversion Rate (VCR)
  • 1 day after video view: 1.20%
  • 15 days after video view: 1.55%
  • 30 days after video view: 1.65%
The above figures are measurably higher than non-video conversion rates. What they say about TVPage “We’ve been investing in video for a while, but before using TVPage we weren’t leveraging the full potential” said Ken Au, Director of eCommerce Ops, Abt Electronics. “TVPage’s platform allows us to utilize our staff’s expertise to give our customers an in-store experience, on any device, from the comfort of home.”