Published: September 3, 2016

Char-broil TV is Live and Selling Products

Char-Broil is one of oldest and most respected outdoor cooking brands. Chances are you or a close friend has one on the deck or in the backyard. More Char-Broil gas grills are distributed across the United States than any other brand, and the company sells its branded grills in the US, Canada, Latin America and Australia.

As an industry leader, Char-Broil uses video to engage with its community. It’s videos cover recipes, the outdoor- cooking lifestyle, highlights of Char-Broil technology and many other relevant subjects.

Char-Broil’s marketing strategy embraced YouTube early and the brand now boasts a Youtube channel with over 400 videos. However, the company wasn’t fully satisfied with this arrangement; it wanted videos on Char-Broil’s own site.

Embedding hundreds of videos from YouTube on several web pages was not a realistic solution for Char-broil. The brand knew that it needed a video experience of its own in its online store, not only on Youtube. Char-Broil wanted to create a unique video shopping experience and TVPage was the answer. TVPage offered Char-Broil a video experience that was created in minutes. It was then added to their site with both simplicity and speed, with a touch of customization — all within the capabilities of their (or any!) marketing director. In less than a day, over a hundred videos were available on the brand’s site, without a single developer or creative department required.

As noted by Hamid Abtahi, Director of Marketing for Char-Broil, “Charbroil TV is now live and selling products, thanks to TVPage”.

Additionally, Char-Broil is able to sync all of its products from their Magento store, using the TVPage Magento Extension. Char-Broil can then appropriately assign products with their videos so that each video, while playing, simultaneously showcases its related products in nearby thumbnails — which can also be clicked for instantaneous viewing and purchase!