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Work from your Phone

Create Videos & Photos

Create engaging product review video & photo posts from the comfort of your living room. There’s no minimum post requirement, so create as many or as few posts as you like, all on your schedule!
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Publish TV Pages

Use your phone to publish your videos and photos as TV Pages onto your brand's site & share as posts to your social media accounts. Each TV Page will display your post inline with matched products from the brand. Every time someone views your new shoppable TV Page and buys a product, you get paid! Want to see what a TV Page looks like? Here’s an example.
Ambassador FAQs

Earn More Commission

In a recent test, our TV Pages tracked 10 times more sales, per post, than a major affiliate network! Unlike traditional affiliate networks, which only track product links, TV Pages track all video and photo user engagement as well as product links. This means you get credit for all of your sales - not just some of them!
Ambassador FAQs

Ambassador FAQs

This varies by brand and will be clearly set on your account before you start.

  1. An active social media account.
  2. A history of engaging social posts.
  3. An example product review video.

There are no minimum or maximum requirements for posting.

Yes, you can post about any product that our brands sell.

Yes, you can post for multiple brands, although some brands may have restrictions on this. Please ask your brand or TVP representative if you’re not sure.

Using our app, you can easily post your videos and photos to your favorite social media accounts. Each time you create a social post, it will link to an automatically created “TV Page” on the store’s website.

The TV Page will display your content and matched products from the store. Every time someone views your new TV Page and buys one of the matched products, you get paid! Here’s an example TV Page.

Yes, you will get credit for sales that happen after someone views your TV Page and makes a purchase, as long as the purchase happens within 30 days of the view.

Many ambassadors create amazing content with just a regular smartphone.

However, if you want to step up your lighting and audio, check out our affordable Ambassador Studio in a Box!

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