Make More Money

TV Pages Generate More Sales

1. Sell on TV Pages
2. Double your Traffic
3. Earn 10X Commission

1. Get Commission on All Sales

Our TV Pages track 10 times more sales, per post, than traditional affiliate networks. Unlike these networks, which track only link clicks, we track all video and photo user engagement on TV Pages, making sure that you get paid for all of your sales! See our FAQs for more info.

2. Get Traffic from SEO

Each of your posts will get its own TV Page hosted on a top brand's website! These sites rank highly in Google's search results, which means that soon your TV Pages will also start ranking on Google. Every time someone searches Google, clicks through to your TV Page, and then buys one of the featured products, you get paid! See our FAQs for more info.

3. Get Traffic from the Brand

In addition to social media traffic and Google traffic, shoppers on the brands' websites will start finding your new TV Pages using on-site search and on-site navigation. This free traffic will generate new sales and new social followers for you - without any extra work! See our FAQs for more info.

Ambassador FAQs

Generally, you will receive 3% commission on all sales generated from your video & photo views! The commission amount can vary depending on the brand.

  1. An active social media account.
  2. A history of engaging social posts.
  3. An example product review video.

There are no minimum or maximum requirements for posting.

Yes, you can post about any product that our brands sell.

Yes, you can post for multiple brands. However, some brands may request exclusivity.

Using our app, you can easily post your videos/photos to your favorite social media accounts. Each time you create a social post, it will link to an automatically created “TV Page” on the brand’s website.

The TV Page will display your content and matched products from the brand. Every time someone views your new TV Page and buys one of the matched products, you get paid! Here’s an example TV Page.

Yes, you will get credit for sales that happen after someone views your TV Page and purchases the product displayed on your TV Page, as long as the purchase happens within 30 days of the view.

Many ambassadors create amazing content with just a regular smartphone.

However, if you want to step up your lighting and audio, check out our affordable Ambassador Studio in a Box!

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